Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review - Dala, Girls from the North Country


Compass Records

An album from a Canadian folk-pop duo with the sweetest voices that you’ve ever heard.

It is easy to place Dala under the category of ‘likeable’. The songs they have picked to cover in GIRLS FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY suit their innocent harmonies and those they have written (Horses, Marilyn Monroe) are down-to-earth in a Taylor Swift kind-of-a-way. They write of fans they meet and the times that they have shared and, with the album recorded live, it all brings to mind a set at a summer festival.

Yet the girls negotiate the idea of ‘folk-pop’ really very well, and that likeable sound comes with its own degree of insight. I particularly like their cover of Joni Mitchell’s classic Both Sides Now; their vocals and guitars make it a heck of a lot lighter than the original but the experience and the poetry is still there. The same goes for the titular Girl from the North Country lifted from Cash and Dylan’s repertoire. And with their harmonies given some alto gravity by guest appearances from Oh Susana and Good Lovelies, GIRLS FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY is more than a pair of incredibly sweet voices. Katy Browse

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